Industrial & Lead Products

Sil-Fos 6

A very fluid filler metal for close fit-ups work.  Low melting range makes it ideal where temperature is a factor. 

Recommended joint clearance:  .001 to .003 (.025mm to .076mm).

Fast Flow.

Sil-Fos 15

For use where close fit-ups cannot be maintained and joint ductility is important. 

Recommended joint clearance: .002 to .005 (.051mm to .127mm).  Slow Flow.

Sil-Fos 5

Designed primarily for those applications where close fit-ups cannot be maintained.  It has the ability to fill gaps and form fillets without adversely affecting joint strength. 

Recommended joint clearance:  .003 to .005 (.076mm to .127mm).

Slow Flow.

Sil-Fos was developed primarily for use on copper, but has  extended to use on other nonferrous copper base alloys.  It is used extensively on refrigeration units, air conditioning apparatus, electrical conductors, copper and brass pipe fittings, and other copper and brass equipment.

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