Anode Hooks:

This is a list of our most common bronze hooks. Copper hooks are available upon request. All hooks can be Plastisol covered or Lead covered, just let us know in advance.

Standard Cast Configurations:

We offer a vast choice of cast or extruded anodes in a wide range of configurations. That  is why we are one of the leading suppliers to the  plating industry.  We understand that  everything is not always standard off the shelf.  If you don't see what you are looking for,  give us a call and let us help you out.

Raw Materials:

We utilize only the finest primary materials in the manufacturing of its products.  Find below a list of the raw metals that we alloy with to produce any configuration you require.Tin (Sn):   Complies to ASTM B339 - Grade "A" Tin.Lead )Pb): Complies with ASTM B29 - Corroding Grade Lead.Antimony )Sb):  Complies with ASTM B237 - Grade "B" Antimony.We also produce alloys with additions of Silver (Ag), Bismuth (Bi), and Aluminum (Al).


Hard & Decorative Chrome, Anodizing, Tin & Solder Electroplating, Hot Air Leveling, Galvanizing, Metalizing.

Industrial & Lead Products

Standard Extruded Configurations:

Whether extruded or hand cast in our wide range of alloys and configurations, each of our anodes go through the same process to produce a fine grain structure essential for even plate-out and maximum throwing.

  • We also produce Lead anodes with cores such as copper, mild steel to name a few.

  • All our Lead Alloyed Anodes are available with either Cast Bronze or Copper Hooks, which are cast into nobbins and lead burned onto the anode stock.  (All nobbin & burning bar used in homogenous bonding are of the same alloy as the anode stock).

  • Tin & Tin/Lead (Solder) Anodes are supplied drilled with a 3/8" Diameter hole and tapped (16 thread) to 1-1/4" deep.

Custom Basket Anodes:

Sometimes referred to as Basket, Conforming or Grid anodes.  Send us your drawings and we will be happy to assist you. Some important items we need to know are:

  • Alloy Material
  • Are you ID or OD Plating?
  • Overall Height
  • Inside or Outside Diameters
  • Hanger Information:  Solid Lead, Lead covered Copper etc.

Available Plastisol Colors: